Monday, July 11, 2011

Just Like That, I'm Hooked

It took one goal, seen here, to get me all fired up for the Women's World Cup semis.

Hell yeah. I was spending an otherwise boring Sunday keeping tabs on MLB's final Sunday before the All-Star break and watching the American's get beat by Spain in Davis Cup, when suddenly, like a dream, it hit me.

Women's soccer rocks! I'll admit, I had barely paid attention to the World Cup until yesterday, but man, I'll be watching for the rest of the week.

What a game! USA Today is reporting that the cell phones of team members were 'blowing up' after the game. If I had their number, I'd have been texting them too. "We're kind of building," said veteran midfielder Shannon Boxx. "You're hearing, 'I've never watched a soccer game before, but now I'm watching."


The second that Abby Wombach saved the USA's life, you knew this was the sporting moment of the week, the month, the year? Ah, just gorgeous to see and feel the jubilation of the victors.

Hope you enjoyed it too.

The bad news? How the heck are the American women going to top this? Sure they'll probably win the whole thing now, but I can't imagine them producing high drama like this for many years to come.

My advice? Enjoy the youtube video above, and cross your fingers that the magic will continue.