Monday, July 11, 2011

Vin Scully to Call 2011 World Series?

A petition has surfaced on the web, asking that the great baseball broadcaster Vin Scully call the World Series this year. Joe Buck is game. Are you?

Saw this interesting tidbit the other day and clicked through to see if it wasn't some kind of newfangled internet gag. Turns out it wasn't. There really is a petition to get Vin Scully back in the booth for the 2011 World Series. Better yet, Joe Buck, Fox's current play-by-play man for the fall classic, is all for it. While this article quotes Buck as saying he'd "happily step aside" for the legendary voice of the Los Angeles Dodgers, a Fox spokesperson wasn't as eager to let Buck exit stage left.

"Having Vin join Joe and Tim for a few innings is definitely something we'd consider," said the spokesperson.

Evidently, the Fox spokesperson isn't getting it. A few innings of a cluttered-up booth where Scully reminisces about his glorious past (calling Koufax's perfect game and Hank Aaron's 715 HR) would only detract from the broadcast. What the petition calls for is a total takeover of the booth by Scully. We (I signed, hell yeah) want the man to go to work and show these young, polished whippersnapper broadcasters how it's really supposed to be done.

No offense to Buck or McCarver, but I'd take Scully and Garagiola any day of the week.

How about you?