Saturday, November 5, 2011

Things I Think I Know, Week 9 NFL

We are 8 weeks in, and the only thing I'm sure I know about the NFL is that I don't know jack about the NFL.

But hey, I'm as eager to pretend as the next guy, so today I'm gonna pretend the I am the guru who knows it all. I am all-knowing, the shaman of the pigskin, the guru of the gridiron. Call me "goo" for short, just don't call me on my day off or after midnight if you know what I mean.

But I digress yet again. Without any further ado I will begin to enlighten you on the prospects of NFL, Week 9.

Thing I think I know #1. The Steelers are no longer the team that got blasted by the Ravens in week 1. But the Ravens have changed too, and not necessarily for the better. Is Joe Flacco going to be the guy that tossed three touchdowns in Baltimore, or is he going to be the guy that has thrown for zero touchdowns in three of the last four games?

Pick: Steelers 22 Ravens 17

Thing I think I know #2: Ryan Fitzpatrick is leading a well balanced, efficient offense that possesses both big-play potential and grind'em-up potential (5th in rushing ypg). And Gang Green, 25th in the NFL in terms of yards given up per game, ain't what it used to be.

Picks: Bills 28 Jets 24

Thing I think I know #3: Dallas will continue to tease us by making a mockery of the Seattle defense on Sunday. RB DeMarco Murray has run for 327 yards in his last two games, so you can rule out the health of Felix Jones being a factor.

Pick: Cowboys 33 Seahawks 17

Thing I think I know #4: A win by the Texans at home over Cleveland this week won't mean a whole lot in terms of determining whether or not the Texans are for real, but it will mean a lot for the Texans mid-season playoff hopes.

Pick: Texans 27 Browns 21

Thing I think I know #5: The Kansas City Chiefs will be the feelgood story of the NFL after they beat the hapless Dolphins this week to go 5-3, after starting 0-3. The following week, when they defeat the Broncos to go to 6-3, they will grace the cover of SI.

Pick: Chiefs 19 Dolphins 14

Thing I think I know #6: Tebow can't possibly get any worse.

Pick: Raiders 24 Broncos 21

Thing I think I Know #7: Jim Harbaugh is going to be the NFL's coach of the year. He inherited a coach-killing QB and gave him a chance to succeed. He may have done it more because of his ego than because of Alex Smith. Either way you slice it, it's working.

Pick: 49ers 13 Redskins 12

Thing I think I know #8: The Eagles average a league leading 449 ypg on offense for a reason: They are loaded with weapons. As the Vick passing attack improves, look for LeSean McCoy to take over the NFL rushing lead. He scampered for 185 last week, and only trails Adrian Peterson by 44 yards.

Pick: Eagles 26 Bears 20

Thing I think I know #9: The teams with the most points will win. Just ask the dude who narrated that video above. Enjoy the games!