Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Flyer's D-Man Timonen Taken Out By Referee

This could be something for the NHL's discipline Czar Brendan Shanahan to take a close look at. Check the video above to see referee Stephen Walkom laying a doozy of a hit on Flyer's D-man Kimmo Timonen during the Flyers 5-1 victory over the Capitals at The Verizon Center last night. The commentators called it a clean hit, but judging from the way that Walkom left his feet to make contact with Timonen, I'm thinking that a suspension could be coming.

Strangely, no penalty was called on the play. How did the other referee, Brian Pochmara, miss that one?

Seriously, this could be one of the top hits of the week here. If the NHL is looking to make their product more TV-friendly now that the NBA is coming back into play, I think letting referees lay random hits on players could be a step in the right direction.

Now, if they could only get the linesmen to throw a few punches instead of breaking up fights...