Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Saucer Pass -- NHL Hit of the Night: Seabrook Goes Kamikaze on Williams

The Saucer Pass is where The Fan Child talks puck. Here is the NHL Hit of the Night for Wednesday, Dec 28th.

A huge road win for the L.A. Kings last night in Chicago has allowed them to slip past the Coyotes and into third place in the Pacific Division. I suspect that we will hear a lot more from the Kings this season; they've yet to lose a game in regulation since Darryl Sutter took over behind the bench on Dec. 20.

That's all well and good but I only have one question. How is this "hit" by Blackhawks' defenseman Brent Seabrook not a penalty? Sure, it makes for a great highlight, but this is a trip, plain and simple. Seabrook makes his move towards Kings' RW Justin Williams, but when he realizes he doesn't have him lined up, he drops to the ice and takes his legs out with a world-class slide tackle. Whether or not he intended to do it, you can't take out another players legs in any way shape or form in the NHL. I don't know how this doesn't get called.

I do know how it made The Saucer Pass's Hit of the Night: It was awesome.