Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Saucer Pass -- Goal of the Night: Pavel Datsyuk's Gorgeous Deflection Ignites Wings Comeback

The Saucer Pass is where The Fan Child Talks Puck. Here is the NHL Goal of the Night for Tuesday, Dec. 27.

There were a lot of highlight-worthy tallies to choose from tonight, including a sweet tic-tac-toe power play goal By Steven Stamkos and a seeing-eye wrister from Vincent Lecavalier in a huge win for Tampa at home over the Flyers, as well as a gorgeous shootout goal by Jarome Iginla that clinched the surging Flames victory over the Bluejackets, but this wicked deflection by Pavel Datsyuk takes the cake.

It all looks so innocent when you watch the replay, until the Versus crew is kind enough to slow it down. Then you can get a view of just how perfect the tip is. Even in super slo-mo, it is hard to track the flight of the puck after Datsyuk alters its course -- imagine if you are Blues Goalie Brian Elliot (not only do you have no chance, you don't even know that you didn't have a chance until you hear a packed Joe Louis Arena crowd screaming).

Datsyuk's 12th goal of the year tied the game, and the Red Wings went on to win after Niklas Kronwall scored 56 seconds later.

The Wings have won eleven consecutive games at home, and they leapfrogged the Blues for 2nd place in the Central Division.