Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Alain Vigneault Says Rangers' Struggles Are More about Competing than System

Newsday's Steve Zipay reports that Rangers new head coach Alain Vignealt isn't happy with his team's level of competitiveness in its first seven games. The Rangers are 2-5 and have given up 29 goals and been outscored by 18 thus far this season. Zipay caught up with Vigneault after a recent Rangers' practice session to get this quote:
“There’s still some understanding on their part to be put together (on systems). That being said, our situation (2-5) right now, has in my estimation, a lot more to do with us competing better, competing harder, and having a push, when a push is needed on the ice. For whatever reason, it has not been there as consistently as it needs to be at the NHL level, hopefully we’ll be better…I’m new to this group…I had no expectations one way or another. I do know that my teams compete, my teams play hard and they’re hard to play against, and we haven’t been that way and it’s my responsibility to get it there.”

Doesn't sound like all is hunky-dory in New York.

To make matters worse, Rangers' goalie Henrik Lundqvist is battling an undisclosed lower body injury and may miss Thursday's tilt against the Flyers.