Friday, October 25, 2013

Another Horrid Hit: Talbot Crashes into Boards after Pouliot's Shove

The NHL season is well under a month old and already seven suspensions have been handed out by the NHL's Player Safety Department. With John Scott's hit on Boston's Loui Eriksson on Wednesday prompting an in-person experience, make that eight.

Could we have number nine?

This hit by Rangers' left wing Benoit Pouliot caused one of the most violent collisions of the season (and given what we've seen so far, that is saying a lot) on Thursday, and Pouliot was given a major and a game misconduct for the play.

Talbot fell awkwardly, and while Pouliout only gave him a shove, the real sin committed by the Rangers' forward was that the hit was from behind. If you can see numbers, back off. Especially when rapidly closing in on the boards. That's what the NHL has been preaching all season, and because of it, expect Pouliot to lose some pay over the hit.

For the record, Talbot continued to play and didn't blame Pouliot, saying that he didn't even feel the hit. “I can’t really skate that well, so I may have stumbled on my feet,” Talbot said, according to CSN Philly’s Sarah Baicker. “I didn’t feel like I got pushed or anything.”

The video shows Pouliot clearly trying to slow Talbot down as he is falling, and that is certainly a mitigating circumstance. His hit was nothing like the malicious blindside hit that John Scott put on Eriksson on Tuesday, but nevertheless Pouliot did show a lack of control in hitting Talbot when he had his back turned to him.

In case you missed it, here is the Scott hit on Eriksson: