Monday, October 28, 2013

Best in Show: Moulson's Shovel Shot

Watching the replay of Matt Moulson's second goal of the night (see video above) I knew it was the one. Best in Show is a new tradition here, it is basically the goal of the night in the NHL. It could be a save though.

Okay: Best in Show is a play. Yes, a play. Could be a pokecheck. Could be a feathered pass to a winger that results in collision. Could be some glove love. Could be anything. But it will probably be a goal or a save.

Anyhow, Moulson's gets the award tonight on merit. It's a quick, decisive play. A true goal-scorers play. Moulson finds some real estate in very tight quarters and locates the puck after a shot glances of his leg. When he gets the puck he pulls some wizardry and flicks it outside the left arm of Kari Lehtonen.

Moulson had very little time and space and he was being pulled down (or at least falling) on the play. He pulls it to his backhand and does some nice stickwork to put that puck on the move.