Monday, October 21, 2013

Dustin Penner Gets Knocked Out by Ryan Garbutt, Posts Vid to Twitter

Dustin Penner was the victim of a helmet-to-helmet collision during Anaheim's 6-3 victory over the Dallas Stars, and he's not happy about it.

This from the L.A. Times:
In the second period, Ducks wing Dustin Penner was helped off the ice by Getzlaf, Perry and trainer Joe Huff after being knocked unconscious briefly by a helmet-to-helmet hit from Dallas' Ryan Garbutt, who could face NHL discipline Monday for the incident despite no penalty being called. Penner walked on wobbly legs to the dressing room and underwent a battery of tests that continued after the game with the team doctor, Craig Milhouse. As the Ducks were winning, Penner asked to see Garbutt's hit on him and viewed it several times — as NHL officials are expected to do to establish if Garbutt was targeting Penner's head and whether he left his feet at impact.

Penner evidently saw enough to be convinced that the hit was dirty, and he took to Twitter later in the evening to voice his views:

Naturally that led to a spirited debate, and, finally, this tweeted reply from Penner:

Garbutt will receive an in-person hearing with the NHL's Player Safety Council, which means he could face a suspension of six games or more. No penalty was called on the play.

Penner, meanwhile, might consider some media sensitivity training. Just sayin'.