Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Not So Fast, Jaromir Jagr, You Need Two More Goals

Jaromir Jagr achieved a huge milestone last night--then he didn't.

Many media outlets, including this one, reported that Jagr had passed Phil Esposito and now owned the record for the most NHL game-winning goals. As it turns out, an error in the New Jersey Devils' media notes led to the misunderstanding, which led to this photo opp with Jagr after the game:

According to Devils' beat reporter Tom Gulitti, the erroneous reporting of the game-winning goals record started last season when the Boston Bruins reported that Jagr was tied with Phil Esposito in their media guide.
The mistake spread and was reported widely last night after the game, until the Elias Sports Bureau cleared up the mess on Twitter after the game.

Oh, well, we feel stupid and we're not ashamed to admit it.

But at least we had this tweet to make us laugh:

What will we be fooled into thinking next, that the Toronto Maple Leafs will pass the Montreal Canadiens for most Stanley Cups all time if they win the cup this year?