Saturday, October 12, 2013

Tavares Pulls out Teeth on the Bench During Isles Loss to Blackhawks

The Isles were outplayed thoroughly in a 3-2 loss to the defending Stanley Cup champion Blackhawks on friday evening in Chicago, but the game wasn't all the Islanders lost. New York's star center John Tavares also lost a tooth (or two?) when he took a puck to the mouth during a scrum along the boards. Watch the video and see the Isles' captain pulling out a Chiclet on the bench, before returning to the ice without missing a shift.

Tavares, the NHL's third-leading goal scorer in 2012-2013, proved that a player can score goals and possess the toughness of a fourth-line checker in today's NHL (we've always known that, but it's still fun to point it out). That fact wasn't lost on a commenter on a the Islanders Point Blank hockey blog, who had the following to say about Tavares' toughness while taking a shot at the Islanders crosstown rivals in the same sentence:

"Rick Nash would of fainted and the training staff would of brought out a stretcher for him. Hey Nash learn from the BEST."

Tavares and his missing tooth will take on Nashville tonight.