Monday, October 28, 2013

Vid: Steven Stamkos' Shaking, Baking Shootout Goal

How does Steven Stamkos make it look so easy? That, my fellow lovers of puck, is the eternal question...

It's just a beautiful, almost casual display of deking that leaves Florida's Jacob Markstrom an unwilling spectator on the goal. It's the kind of improv you just can't teach.

This was Stamkos' first shootout goal of the year to go with his team-leading eight goals on the season, and it sealed the Bolts' 4-3 shootout victory over intrastate rival Florida on Sunday.

The shootout has never been Steven Stamkos' thing--he was 5 for 27 in the skills competition for his career before this big goal--but maybe he has finally figured out what works for him: Less is more. A straight line, some good speed, a few dekes and a nice angle.

After finishing second to last in the Eastern Conference last season, Tampa Bay is off to a surprising 8-3 start, which leaves them percentage points ahead of the Toronto Maple Leafs for first in the Atlantic Division.