Sunday, November 24, 2013

Grapes Gives Clarke MacArthur Some Love

Don Cherry showed some love for Clarke MacArthur's between-the-legs assist work on this weekend's edition of "Coaches Corner," (video above) saying that the reason he liked the play by the Senators' winger was because it was done in a 0-0 game. If you remember, Cherry was hard on Tomas Hertl after the 19-year-old scored the most famous goal of the year against the Rangers on the back end of a blowout in October.

Here's what Cherry said at the time:

"There’s been a lot said about a lot of things, but let me say something: If the score [had] been 1-1, I would have said 'Hey, what a goal!’ But I want you people out there to think about this: I want you think if Martin Biron was your son or your brother in an 8-2 [game], and everybody's laughing at him.

"I’m going to say something about the kid. He didn’t think he did anything wrong. He played in the Czech Republic last year. This is what they do. You can see him laughing at it. He didn't understand. And kids, you don't do that."

In reference to MacArthur's dazzling assist, Cherry had the following to say:

"Look at the score, look at the score, look at the score--1-0. And you said 'Well you praise him and you didn't do it with Hertl.' It was 8-0. What a play that was."