Thursday, November 7, 2013

Johnny Boychuk Lays the Hit of the Year on Erik Cole, Then Fights

There are top shelf goals and we all know what they are, but we don't really hear anybody talking about top shelf hits--you know, were grandma keeps the peanut butter (or whiskey, depending upon your version of the story)--until now.

But the havoc that Bruins' Defenseman Johnny Boychuk wreaks on two members of the Dallas Stars on this play is certainly worthy of the top shelf moniker. Watch as Boychuk flattens Erik Cole with a clean hit then gets up and smothers Vernon Fiddler after the Stars' center makes the ill-advised decision to come get a piece of Boychuk.

This is the wham-bam play of the year in the NHL. It simply has to be.

An aside: Why does someone always have to go over and fight the guy who makes a perfectly clean, perfectly awesome hit like Boychuk's? I think it's B.S. and is a weak way to deal with one of your teammates getting plowed. Bide your time, and when your chance comes, make a clean hit back. Keep you hands in your gloves and deal with the fact that your teammate got tattooed. It's part of the game.

What do you think?