Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Three Most Amazing Plays You'll Ever See During One Night of Hockey

Wanna get your mind blown, hockey fans? Then check out last night's top three plays.

First was this ridiculous seeing-eye through-the-legs feed by Ottawa's Clarke MacArthur:

It's one thing to go between the legs, but check out the perfect placement of this pass, absolutely divine.

But honestly, that ridiculous pass had to take a back seat to what Calgary's Reto Berra did against the Blue Jackets last night. A bicycle save? Are you kidding me? Seriously, this is the save of the century, no, the save of the millenium. The commentator subtly states: "You won't see that everyday." Translated, it means: "I've just seen god and he is wearing a waffle!"

Seriously. Best. Save. Ever. Pele has nothing on Reto Berra.

And last but not least we have the Pittsburgh Penguins taking tic-tac-toe to a brand new level, somewhere out there where ping-pong meets skydiving with a blow torch. Is this not the prettiest set of one-touch passes finished off by the coolest one-timer that you've seen in, say, the last 47,000 years? Am I getting carried away? Can you blame me? How do you not freak out when three plays like this happen on the same night in the NHL?