Friday, November 1, 2013

Vid: Dallas' Kari Lehtonen Makes Ridiculous Save against Avs

Kari Lehtonen might have made the acrobatic save of the NHL season (though Antti Niemi might have a thing to say about that) on Friday night in Dallas as he stonewalled Avs' John Mitchell with this Matrix-like pad save.

The play starts when Lehtonen can't corral a rebound on the right side of the cage, and the Avs eventually work the puck behind the net where Mitchell is waiting for what looks like a wide open net. But lehtonen, who apparently has eyes in the back of his head, or can smell puck even when he can't see it, somehow slides over to cover the goal before Mitchell's attempt finds twine.

At first it looks like Lehtonen is going to get it with the catching glove but the puck eludes it and that is when the pad swings around to save the day.

Remarkable save, to say the least, but is it better than the highway robbery Antti Niemi pulled on Todd Bertuzzi in a shootout in Detroit on October 21? You be the judge...