Saturday, November 16, 2013

Vid: Huge Hit by Jordan Nolan on Peter Harrold

One word describes this bone-jarring hit by Jordan Nolan on Devils' defenseman Peter Harrold during last night's 2-0 Kings' victory. OUCH!

One thing to note about the collision is how easy it would have been for Nolan to inadvertently connect with Harrold's head (if the defenseman had ducked at the last instant) on the play. He's cruising in there, looking to make something happen, and he's vulnerable to any last-second decisions that Harrold may or not make on the play. In today's NHL, the perfect hit is about one centimetre (or so) away from being a five-game suspension.

It is a perfect example of how difficult it is becoming to be highly physical with all the rules in place to protect the players, and should serve as a reminder that every player that makes contact with an opponent's head is not a villain.