Saturday, December 14, 2013

Stamkos Skates!

Steven Stamkos' rehab is way ahead of where we thought he'd be when he suffered a gruesome fractured tibia while crashing into the net in Boston just about a month ago. Check the videos and see for yourself. The first (up top) is of Stamkos taking the ice and doing some stickhandling drills in New Jersey, and the second (below) is Stamkos talking to the media after the skate. Great news for Stamkos but I still say let's not rush him. He's obviously not ready to skate hard and needs to let the bone heal and, as he put in his own words, make sure there are no setbacks.

The Lightning have done a great job of weathering the storm without Stamkos, and they currently stand at 18-10-3, good for third place in the Atlantic. As far as Stamkos' Olympic chances go, Team Canada has until January 7th to make their final roster decisions.

Will Stamkos convince the Team Canada's brass by that date that it is worth it to save a roster spot for him? And if they do save the roster spot, will Stamkos then feel increased pressure to rush his return? We love the idea of Stamkos' making a speedy remarkable recovery, but he clearly has a long way to go, and rushing to get to Sochi's big ice by early February might not be the best way for the 23-year-old to ensure that he makes a complete recovery.