Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Andrew Desjardins Lowers the Boom on Edmonton's Luke Gazdic

San Jose's Andrew Desjardins executed the perfect--and perfectly clean!--open ice check on Edmonton's Luke Gazdic early in the third period of the Sharks 5-2 win over the Oilers on Tuesday night. Considering that Gazdic is listed at 6'4" and 233, while Desjardins is listed at 6'1" and 195, this has to be one of the best hits of the NHL season, pound-for-pound.

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It was so good, and Gazdic felt so much humiliation, that he chased Desjardins into the corner looking for a fight. But he decided against it when 6'8" 260-pound John Scott stepped in to make sure he behaved.

Here's another look at this glorious hit in slo-mo. Desjardins put everything he had into this one--just look at his arms go flying as he drops to the ice. A perfect ten.