Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Disgruntled Edmonton Fan Tries to Sell "City of Champions" Sign

It's no secret that the Edmonton Oilers have been mired in a near-decade-long slump. Frustrations are high, coaches are on the hot seat, and the cities' fans have even taken to the local digital marketplace to sell off one of the city-owned municipal welcome signs that read "City of Champions."

That's right, a local Edmontonian placed an add--which was quickly removed--on the site Kijiji. But before it was removed, lots of hard working and similarly frustrated Edmontonians took notice and had a good laugh (or cry):

According to the Edmonton Journal, the add contained the following hilarious selling points:

“Stylistic throwback to the 80s, when the bottom portion of the sign was still relevant,” and "designed to withstand snow, wind, rain and drive-by laughter." For the kicker, the seller stated that he or she would be happy to accept “a strong two-way centre” or a “goalie who can stop a beach ball” for the sign.

Things have gotten real bad in Edmonton, but at least they still have a sense of humor. And--at least for now--they're still the city of champions.