Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Scott Stevens: Blues Good Fit for Martin Brodeur

Former New Jersey Devils blueliner Scott Stevens thinks that Martin Brodeur will be a good fit for the St. Louis Blues. Brodeur, 42, just signed a one-year deal with St. Louis to help shore up the Western Conference contender's goaltending situation, and Stevens thinks that Brodeur could be a difference-maker there.

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"I think the Blues are a good fit," Stevens told NHL.com in an exclusive. "They play much like the Devils used to play. He's going to see the shots so he knows where they're coming from ahead of time because of the way they play with [Blues coach Ken Hitchcock]. It's a good fit for him. He can help them and they can help him I believe."

Brodeur, who had spent his entire 21-season career with the New Jersey Devils and holds the NHL's all-time win record, as well as its all-time shutout record, just didn't fit with New Jersey anymore, said Stevens. "Obviously it's weird, but for Marty, in New Jersey it would be hard for him to be in a backup role after what he's done and who he's been. It just wouldn't work. If it was time for [new Devils' goalie Cory] Schneider and time for Marty, he needed to go somewhere else to almost get away from what he was and start something new."

Brodeur had been hoping to latch on to a team with Stanley Cup aspirations after not being brought back by the Devils this season. Now he has that chance in St. Louis, whose No. 1 goalie Brian Elliot is suffering from a knee injury at the moment.

"He's arguably the best goalie of all time," Stevens said. "He's the most skilled, most athletic goalie I've ever seen. He's 42, but why not? [Ed] Belfour played until 42. I think I read Hitch said he [can play] 30 games. If Marty works at it and gets some time he can be a factor. He's a great puck-handling goalie. He can help that defense and that team just because of his ability to make that first pass and beat the forecheck. That's something that is going to get in the other team's head and only going to give the Blues confidence and help guys like [Kevin] Shattenkirk, [Alex] Pietrangelo and [Jay] Bouwmeester."