Tuesday, December 23, 2014

The Top 10 Cheap Shots the 2014-15 NHL Season (So Far)

It’s been a rough and tumble NHL season thus far. Before the NHL’s Xmas break begins, let’s have a look at the top 10 Cheap Shots of the 2014-15 season to date:

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1. John Scott Sucker Punches Tim Jackman: By far the most egregious, senseless and sucker-punchy hit of the season. Scott, who wants to help his teammates in any way he can, just can’t seem to help taking it miles over the line at times.

2. Mitchell Hits Letang with His Own Helmet: Is it funny? Yes. Is it completely dirty and uncalled for and cheap? Uh-huh.

3. Bartkowski Blasts Gionta into Kingdom Come: We think Bartkowski had the best intentions on this play—he wanted to light up Gionta as soon as he corralled the breakout pass. But Gionta never possessed this puck, and Bartkowski got him in the head, which makes the hit even nastier.

4. Stoner Cranks Pacioretty Behind Play: The NHL doesn’t call this hit late, but it was certainly dirty. Stoner does everything he can to ensure that Pacioretty has a horrible experience with the boards—and succeeds.

5. Evander Kane Plasters Clayton Stoner into Glass: Kane is looking right at Stoner’s numbers, and has a good head of steam. He doesn’t let up and crushes him.

6. John Moore Hammers Haula’s Head: These are the worst kind of hits in hockey. We have a headachejust watching it. Fittingly, Moore got five games for this.

7. Jack Johnson’s Hit to Jiri Tlusty’s Head: Same play, different day. Stay away from the head, boys.

8. Seidenberg Hammers Toews into Boards: Many feel that Seidenberg’s hit was clean because he “tried” to attack from the side of Toews, and because the NHL Department of Player Safety is much kinder on boarding then it is on hits to the head. But what happens when the boarding results in a head getting crushed into the boards? The fact is that Seidenberg was pretty much directly behind Toews on the play. When a guy throws everything he has into a hit from behind, we call it cheap. It was a big hit, yes, but a cheap big hit.

9. Brendan Smith Breaks Stick on Richard Panik’s Back: Dude, we know you're upset, but breaking a stick on a guy’s back? C’mon!

10. Andrew Ference Headhunts Zack Kassian: Good for Tylenol, not good for hockey. Ference got three games for this hit to the head on Kassian.