Monday, December 8, 2014

Video: Derek Dorsett Has No Love for Chris Neil

After spending a few minutes up close and personal with Ottawa enforcer Chris Neil, Derek Dorsett had nothing but negativity to spew from his locker after Vancouver's 4-3 overtime loss to the Sens on Sunday.

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Dorsett, who claims he told Neil that he didn't want to fight because of an injured hand in the first period, said the Ottawa winger kept pestering him until he finally agreed to drop the gloves early in the second period. Dorsett was already riled up about that enforcer faux pas by Neil, but when the 35-year-old pugulist kept punching Dorsett even after he had fallen and the linesemen had intervened to stop the joust, the first-year Canuck went ballistic and attempted to chase Neil down to get another shot of him (be damned, bad hand).

See the video of the whole altercation below.

"They guy's known for it," said Dorsett. "They guy's been playing in the league for over ten years, has well over a thousand penalty minutes--you think he would have a little bit of class."

Not exactly sure why having over a thousand penalty minutes should be an indicator of class, but Dorsett is certainly entitled to his own theories--we're not gonna mess with him, especially when he's already mad.