Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Video: Keith Ballard Goes Face-First into Boards While Avoiding Matt Martin Hit

After a collision with Matt Martin, defenseman Keith Ballard went hard into the boards during the second period of the Minnesota Wild's battle with the Islanders on Tuesday night, and lay on the ice for several minutes before heading to the dressing room under his own power (see video above, scroll to 2:20 for some better replays).

It's a strange play, and it resulted in no penalty because the referee believed that Martin did all he could to avoid the hit and that Ballard's injury came due to the fact that he lost his balance while pivoting to avoid Martin.

Ballard was conscious and was taken to a local hospital for examination.

Here's what Wild beat writer Michael Russo had to say about it on Twitter:

Martin scrapped with Kyle Brodziak shortly after the play:

UPDATE: Ballard was released from the hospital the following day, and is out indefinitely with multiple facial fractures and a concussion.