Friday, October 16, 2015

Burke: Leafs Might Have too Many Hands on the Wheel

Former Toronto Maple Leafs President and GM Brian Burke believes the Leafs could have a bright future under the new regime, which his headed by Lou Lamoriello as the organization's current GM. But Burke knows it isn't going to be easy to get three talented--and hard-headed--executives to collaborate effectively.

With Brendan Shanahan as President, Mike Babcock as the team--and NHL's--highest-paid coach in history, and Lamoriello, who is going to lead? Good question, Burke says.

“You’ve got Lou Lamoriello . . . who’s never taken an order from anybody, Mike Babcock — who’s a great coach and a good guy — who doesn’t think he should take an order from anybody,” he said, according to the Toronto Star. “And you’ve got Brendan Shanahan in the middle, who’s a very bright, stubborn Irishman. Now, how does this work? How many hands can you have on the wheel?”

Already this year their have been rumors of head butting. When Shanahan made an impromptu appearance on ice at a practice (in a business suit, no less)to deliver some insight to a small group of players, Babcock seemed nonplussed and didn't want to talk to reporters about it afterwards.