Sunday, October 11, 2015

Double-Debut in Ottawa, as Condon, O'Connor Cut Teeth

When was the last time two opposing starting goalies made their NHL debuts in the same game? A long freaking time ago.

Montreal's Mike Condon and Ottawa's Matthew O'Connor combined to achieve an eclectic slice of history in Sunday's lone NHL game, as the pair became the NHL's first opposing starting goalies to debut in the same game since 1967 at the Canadian Tire Centre in Ottawa. Not into math? Then we'll help you along--that was 48 years ago (minus two days).

Per the NHL:

A little history about the last time this happened:

The aforementioned meeting of Doug Favell and Wayne Rutledge was actually the first NHL game for both the Flyers and the Kings franchises in 1967 (it was the year of the NHL's first expansion that saw the league grow from 6 to 12 teams). The Kings (Rutledge's boys) beat the Flyers (Favell's boys) on that night, 4-2. Rutledge would go on to win 28 NHL games in three seasons with the Kings, while Favell won 123 in 12 different NHL seasons with the Flyers, the Leafs and the Colorado Rockies.

Condon got the win on Sunday, stopping 20 of 21 shots, while O'Connor stopped 31 of 34 in the losing effort for the Sens.

PK Subban of the Habs came away impressed with the 25-year-old Condon.

"A lot of times when the backup goes in there, you see a sense in changing and we didn't change anything today," PK Subban said of Condon. "Guys felt confident with him in there. He established early that he was ready and he was sharp. Listen, I've got to give him credit. He went in there and did exactly what he had to do. We get that from Carey [badass Price] every night. What Carey brings, we got that from him tonight."