Sunday, October 11, 2015

GOTN: Ovechkin to the Cooker for a Highlight Reel Beauty

This is an absolutely fucking amazing goal by Alexander Oveckhin. Which is why we call him great 8--ovechkin makes mind-bending romps through the neutral zone that end in belly-flopping twisted wristers commonplace.

Then he slides into the boards, gets up (many times miraculously) in one piece and flashes that charming, toothless grin. Ovi is as hockey as hockey can be. Part heavy metal thunder, part Oksana Baiul (okay, we're milking now), Ovechkin is a moveable feast for the eyes of hockey fans, whether you're rooting for or against him.

But we only have one question about this goal, and we'd like to pose that question to Caps TV voice Joe Beninati: Joe, what in god's name is the "cooker?"