Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Matt Barkowski Has More Goals (and Points) than Sidney Crosby

Matt Barkowski's 1st NHL goal didn't seem like much of a news-worthy story until I came across this random tweet (go ahead and click on the icon, you know you want to).

This is how good hockey writers frame stories: It's not about Bartkowski's goal so much as it is about the fact that Bartkowski is suddenly a more prolific scorer than two-time Hart Trophy winner Sidney Crosby. Now that's an angle! Bartkowski's seeing-eye found the twine the 137th game of his career. It's the Pittsburgh native's sixth year in the show, so it's been a while. Better late than never though... as for Sid, our bet is that the Penguins' star will outscore Bartkowski by the time this season is said and done.