Thursday, October 29, 2015

Penguin Fan Steals Puck from Kid in Pittsburgh

Penguins fans are just plain mean. Check out this guy swerving in on a kid who is about to catch a puck that is thrown to him by Sabres' coach Dan Bylsma. The guy appears to be smiling, Grinch-like, as he puts it in his pocket. We didn't stay with the broadcast so we don't know if this guy was actually joking, but either way it's just plain nasty.

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This crusty old man spoiled that kid's night, and Pittsburgh spoiled Dan Bylsma's return to Pittsburgh by defeating Buffalo, 4-3.

Update: On Twitter they're saying the Pens did the kid a solid and got him a puck AND a jersey. Would have been nice if they chucked the Grinch out of the building to boot...