Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Sedin Tries to Explain His Epic Gaffe vs. Edmonton

We've finally figured out what went wrong on this "miss heard 'round the world" by Daniel Sedin from Sunday night in Vancouver's 2-1 loss to Edmonton. This slo-mo replay (see tweet above) shows the puck a little bit on wobble as Sedin goes for the high chip and gets too much of it, sending it over the net. All he needed to do was tap it in on the ice with a little broom stroke, but Sedin couldn't resist the temptation to go for the water bottle. Who could blame him, by the way?

Sedin had a slightly different explanation, but what does it really matter? He blew the play horrifically and the Canucks lost a golden opportunity to earn the extra point at home. Since he owns 329 career goals and 885 career points, we're guessing most Vancouver fans forgave him the moment the puck got higher than the crossbar. Anyhoo, here's what Sedin said after the game:

“That's a tough one,” Daniel said, according to the Vancouver Sun. “I had to pick between backhand and forehand and it got away from me. It rolled off my stick It was a tough one, for sure."

He added: “It happened so quick, you just try to tap it in and it bounced over.”

Here's a better look at the miss: