Monday, October 12, 2015

Tavares Goes for Hypnosis on Penalty Shot

John Tavares is clearly trying to lure Jets' goalie Ondrej Pavelec to sleep with his myriad stickhandling dekes on this penalty shot during the Isles 4-2 win at Barclays Center over Winnipeg. He scrambles eggs, fries bacon, whips up a few homemade donuts and does the dishes before trying to find the top shelf on the backhand side. It made for good drama, but t didn't work for JT this time. I had to find out after I woke up, because while Tavares couldn't hypnotize Pavelec, he knocked me off the couch and onto the ground (no concussion).

Afterwards, according to Newsday's Arthur Staple, Tavares joked that the new Barclays Center sheet had something to do with it.

In a related note: HOW IN THE WORLD DOES A PENALTY SHOT GET CALLED HERE? Seems like a hooking penalty.