Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Maatta Still in Hospital after Dangerous Shove from Niederrieter

Penguins' defenseman Olli Maatta spend the night in a Pittsburgh hospital, according to the Post Gazette, but the 21-year-old blueliner appears to be recovering. According to sources, Maatta's injury is not to the shoulders and his internal organs are not damaged due to the awkward hit and fall that took him into an open door on the Minnesota Wild's bench (see video above).

That's good news for Maatta, who has already had two shoulder surgeries in his career. According to reports, he will remain in the hospital and undergo more tests on Wednesday.

Niederreiter will not be disciplined by the NHL, according to the Post Gazette. Here's what Dave Molinari wrote today:

There is some encouraging news about Maatta, however. An individual familiar with his case said Maatta apparently did not suffer damage to any internal organs, which had been a major concern.

Maatta, however, is said to be in considerable discomfort.

The Penguins have said only that Maatta's injury is not related to any he sustained earlier in his career. He has undergone shoulder surgery twice since entering the NHL.

A league source said that the NHL will not fine or suspend Minnesota winger Nino Niederreiter, who shoved Maatta into a door that had just been opened at the Wild bench midway through the second period.

There was no penalty assessed on the play.

“You never want to see anything like that,” Niederreiter said. “Obviously, I feel bad. It's unfortunate.”

The league source said the Department of Player Safety reviewed the incident "long and hard" before deciding that no punishment was in order.