Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Marchand Swings for the Fences, and Scores!

Brad Marchand's second shorty of the season was a beauty, as the 27-year-old Nova Scotian uses incredible eye-hand coordination to bat the puck past Dion Phaneuf and into the Leafs goal for his ninth of the year. Marchand would add another, and the B's would win in a shootout, 4-3.

There was some debate about whether or not Marchand had batted the puck in with a high-stick, Steve Dangle aptly refuted that call in his latest video by saying: "Who are we kidding, Marchand can't high-stick."

Quietly, Marchand has been prolific for the B's this season. He's scored ten goals in 18 games and he's on pace to score more than 40 goals this season. His previous high was 28 in 2011-2012.

Also: Marchand's shorty is the 17th of his career. He's had more of those than any other NHL player since beginning his career in 2009.