Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Marty Turco: "Nobody in the World Is Better than Carey Price"

Marty Turco, speaking with NHL.com in a one-on-one interview, talked all things goaltending on Sunday, and the conversation eventually took him to his favorite current NHL goaltenders.

Read the whole interview in its entirety at NHL.com here Carey Price is the man, says Turco, but not the only man:

"Nobody is better in the world now than Carey Price. Man, it just looks like it's effortless for him, so easy. When you don't think he ever moves quick, all of a sudden, boom, he just flies across. But even when he's flying, it doesn't look like he's flying. He's a big guy too. I don't think people appreciate how big he is. He has a great head on his shoulders too. He's kind of how you'd want to build 'em.

Turco also gave major props to Nashville's Pekka Rinne.

"Pekka Rinne to me is a blast," Turco said. "High energy. To be that tall and athletic, amazing. He plays the puck and he doesn't get enough credit for that."

Finally, the winner of 275 NHL games with the Stars, Blackhawks and Bruins (plus 21 in the post-season) gave his take on the issues of whether or not the size of NHL goals should be enlarged to allow for more scoring.

"It's going to skew the game forever," he said. "Essentially who cares if you rewrite record books, but I do think the goal scoring will be tainted."

Turco added that there are different ways to address the lack of scoring, namely limiting the size of goalie equipment.

"There are things that they can do to the equipment," he said. "I remember talking to the League, the powers that be, about how the equipment works and I still don't think they realize fully how all of this stuff works and what is making saves, why guys are moving so good. You can easily slow these guys down and it's not necessarily the size of the equipment."