Friday, November 6, 2015

Statisfaction: Calgary's Third Period Woes, Central Division Dominant

Each day (ideally) at Statisfaction, we'll throw five stats at the wall to see if they stick. Here's today's five on the fly:

1. Calgary's third period woes:

The Flames are a minus-13 as a team in the third period this season. They've scored 10 and allowed 23. Last year they scored 99 in the third period, tying the Lightning for the league lead, and allowed 68 to finish a plus-31. What a difference a year makes.

Conversely, the Coyotes are a minus-2 this year in period three (11 g, 13 ga), but that's a whole lot better than last year when they were minus-57 (50g, 107ga).

2. No Price, No Worries:

Montreal's backup to Carey Price, Mike Condon, is currently leading the NHL in Goals Against Average. Only a five-game sample size, but Condon has been very solid between the pipes for the NHL-leading Habs thus far. “His saves aren’t miraculous, his positioning is excellent,” Montreal coach Michel Therrien said. “He’s been able to work with the best goalie in the world and that also helps.” Yeah, hanging with Carey in practice can't be a bad thing...

Here are the top five GAA leaders in the NHL as of this morning:

3. What's up with the Rangers' possession numbers?

The Rangers currently rank 3rd-worst in the NHL in terms of possession numbers, with a CF% of 46.8. So much for Corsi as a meaningful stat, or so much for the Rangers as a meaningful cup contender? Maybe neither. Here's the bottom five Corsi teams in the NHL right now:

It is worth it to note that the Rangers also have an incredibly high PDO of 106, which is tops in the league. Last year they finished with a PDO of 101.7, and the league high was Boston's 102.1. The numbers may be unsustainable, but the Rangers' 8-2-2 record, given their talent level, certainly is not. They are simply another team that is happily bucking the analytics trend.

Glossary: CF% = The percentage of on-ice shot attempts (on goal, missed, or blocked) taken by the player's team. PDO = The sum of a teams's on-ice shooting percentage and on-ice save percentage Stats: War-on-Ice 4. Double-Digit Goal Differentials in the East:

There are currently three NHL teams with double-digit goal differentials (positive) (Montreal, plus-25, Rangers, plus-13, Washington, plus-11) and they are all in the Eastern Conference.

5. Central dominating the East thus far:

The Central, considered to be the NHL's primo division this season, leads the east in head-to-head, 23-13-5. The Pacific holds a very slim 16-14-3 edge over the Eastern Conference. But don't blame the Isles, Rangers or Caps. Those three teams are a combined 13-2-1 against the Western Conference and a combined 5-2-1 against the Central (8-1-0 vs. Pacific).

In the below graphic, Washington is top team, Rangers middle and Isles bottom: