Thursday, November 12, 2015

Sweet Snipe: Tarasenko Rattles Laser off Post

Wow. Apparently Vladimir Tarasenko didn't get the memo that bigger upper body padding is preventing NHL goal scorers from hitting their quotas in 2015. Check out this Rocket from the Crypt. You have to have a lot of mustard on your shot to make such a sweet music with the iron.

Credit must also go to the Russian for his breakaway speed on this play. He makes the interception down around his own blue line and takes off to the races, gaining distance on Viktor Stålberg before snapping his quick-release wrister as he runs out of room.

The goal was Tarasenko's 8th and pulled the Blues to within a goal, but they would never get any closer against the streaking Rangers.

"I thought when it was 4-3 we were going to win for sure," Blues coach Ken Hitchcock later said. "We've done it three or four times this year already."

The Blues drop to 11-4-1 with the loss, good for second in the Central and fourth overall in the NHL.