Saturday, November 28, 2015

Video: Edmonton's Letestu Gets Kronwalled

One way you know you just got Kronwalled? You see start. Another way? When you come to, there's a brawl going on (An aside: Why does their have to be a melee every time somebody lays a clean hit in today's NHL?)

Just ask Edmonton's Mark Letestu.

Not only did Detroit's Niklas Kronwall deliver one of his bigggest hits of the season, he also scored his first goal of the season at :26 of OT to give the Wings the 4-3 won over the Oilers. The tally ended a 28-game drought for Kronwall.

Of the big hit, which was reportedly Kronwall's first giant hit since last year's playoff, the 34-year-old said the following:

"Everything just goes so fast. You see a guy with his head down and you're just trying to separate him from the puck."