Sunday, December 6, 2015

Video: Marchand Jabbed in the Fun Spot by Prust in Vancouver

Hard to see how this spear by Brandon Prust on Brad Marchand ends in anything but a suspension (see video above), but according to Bruins Insider Joe Haggerty, a simple fine will be the most likely outcome. Bruins fans might find that particularly annoying, but Marchand himself doesn't appear to be too concerned.

“I think it was Prust,” Marchand told reporters after the game, according to NESN. “I didn’t really see who it, what happened. He just gave me a jab and got me in the fun spot.” The Bruins agitator, who has scored eight goals in his last nine games, admitted that he really doesn't care what punishment the NHL's Department of Player Safety deems sufficient for Prust's crime: “I have no idea,” he told reporters. “It’s not up to me, so I’m not really concerned about it.”

Update: Prust has been fined $5,000 for the play: