Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Denis Potvin, peanut butter, and who started the melee in Vancouver

More: Panthers Lose, Win Streak Ends and Melee Ensues

Florida Panthers broadcaster and four-time Stanley Cup winner Denis Potvin has inserted himself into the eye of the Sedingate storm willingly. Last night he uttered the now viral phrase "“I see the Sedins are pointing fingers now. Normally, they only use those fingers to lick the peanut butter off of their bread.”

That inspired some great stuff on Twitter, which we found today thanks to the Province:

The Province also told us everything we needed to know about last night's melee. The bad blood started when Shawn Thornton called the twins "sisters," and escalated from there when Sedin taunted the Panthers bench after scoring the winner (see the top of the page for video).

Now we see why Sedin was mad, why the Panthers reacted and why the world is flat and why Denis Potvin is still pissed off

Here's what Potvin said about Daniel Sedin today on the radio, per Pro Hockey Talk:

“It ended badly because of Sedin’s actions. I mean, if in any game in any era, in any decade, a guy turns around and starts goading the team after scoring the winning goal — can you imagine? Can you imagine doing that in Philly, or Boston, or Long Island after a winning streak, or let’s make it a Stanley Cup championship? What you do normally — normally — after you’re the team that beats the team on the streak, is you just talk about incredible respect for what they were able to accomplish.”

There should be one caveat to what Potvin says. If you and your twin brother have been called "sisters" in the third period, all bets are off.