Wednesday, January 6, 2016

NHL Linesman Mike Cvik Hangs 'em up after 1,868 Games

Anyone who knows the game of NHL hockey knows that lining is not a job for the meek. Sure, it's gotten a tad easier over the years as fighting has slowly started to dwindle amongst the NHL ranks, but as one of the men who was tasked with dropping the puck on face-offs and breaking up a plethora of NHL melees, Calgary native Mike Cvik has taken his share of bumps and bruises.

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That's why it was so great that the Flames honored him during Tuesday night's game, and after it was over, they gave him the No. 3 star.

The 53-year-old may be leaving the game but he'll still have some nice scars and stiffness to remember his time on the ice with the NHL's best and baddest.

“The worst was in San Jose breaking up a fight between Stu Grimson and Jeff Odgers when a skate came up and went across the back of my hand and severed tendons,” said Cvik of a 1994 brawl in an interview with the Calgary Sun. “When it happened the doctor told me ‘you’ll never have complete grip.’ I still can’t completely make a fist.”

Hopefully he can still wrap that hand around a cold, frosty beverage--Cvik deserves a few of those after all of the hard work he's put in for hockey.