Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Bruins pay tribute to Milan Lucic and Kings ride the wave

There were good feelings at TD Garden on Tuesday night in Boston. Then there were mixed feelings for many Bruins fans who wondered what the heck was going on. Then there were sad and happy feelings as Lucic's Kings completed their rout of the Bruins (sad), 9-2, and Lucic took one last victory lap for the fans (happy) that the rugged winger had spent eight quality seasons with.

It was Milan Lucic's first game back in Boston after being traded to the Kings last June.

Lucic, who penned a heartfelt letter to the city of Boston in the Player's Tribune on Monday, wrote that in the end it's been great for him to have a new chapter in his hockey career. "It was an emotional call on both ends," he wrote of the trade. "When you’re attached to a place like that, it’s very tough. But in the end, I needed a new chapter. I needed to be closer to my family in Vancouver, especially after my father’s passing. Everything that happened to me in Boston, I’m so grateful for. But coming to the Kings was really exciting."

Tuesday night in Boston was also exciting. Lucic return to his old post with a new army and did the same kind of ransacking that he did so often in the Bruins sweater.

It had to be bittersweet for a lot of Bruins fans to see a key cog in their last Stanley Cup winning machine run roughshod over them, but hockey is a big boy game. And Milan Lucic, well, he's a big boy.