Sunday, February 7, 2016

Fans Have Fun with Edmonton's Futility on Twitter

It's not fun to be an Edmonton Oilers fan right now. Well, it was fun for a few days this week--Remember the Connor McDavid return, the subsequent Calder talk and the back-to-back wins? Anyhoo, that was a pretty long time ago, like two days, so if you don't remember it don't feel bad.

The fun ended abruptly over the weekend when the Oilers got shellacked in back-to-back road games in Montreal and New York, and now Oilers fans are like caged beasts that suddenly realized that even Connor McDavid's latest work of sublime genius might not save them from their horrid destiny.

When Oilers beat writer Rob Tychkowski announced on Twitter after today's 8-1 loss to the Islanders that the Oilers were having a players only meeting in the dressing room, the creative juices of Edmonton's long-suffering, venom-spewing fanbase started to flow. And full credit goes to them for it. Because while the Oilers may have been stinking up the joint over the weekend, falling by a collective 13-2 tally to the struggling Habs and Islanders, the Oilers fans were rising to the challenge, finding new and unique ways to express their heightened dissatisfaction.

Surely, the blow of losing these two games is lessened by the fact that rookie phenom Connor McDavid is healthy, back in the lineup and thriving. But when you've been down for so long, in a city that takes its hockey so seriously, there's the need to vent.

And vent they did. Some of the replies to Tychkowski's tweet were downright hilarious and we're going to share them, not to rub salt in the wound, but to praise the Oilers fan base for having a good time with a horrible weekend. Here goes:

First, the original tweet:

Now the heady replies:

Veracity: There's more than football to distract young players in Montreal and New York. We're going to say partially true.

Thought: Can't get much meaner than that. Like it.

Penalty: Two minutes for dissing the whole roster.

Headline: Oilers locked in Barclays Center locker room by Todd McLellan, without alcohol or Playstation.

Dream Headline: Oilers give McDavid keys to the franchise, he trades Justin Schulz for Travis Hamonic straight-up as first move