Saturday, February 27, 2016

Hawks Get Richer as Habs go to Sell Mode

The Chicago Blackhawks have shored up their troops for a run at becoming the first repeat Stanley Cup winners since the 97-98 Red Wings quite nicely. A day after adding prized left winger Andrew Ladd as a rental to play alongside Jonathan Toews, Chicago struck twice on Friday, acquiring defenseman Christian Ehrhoff from Los Angeles, then adding forwards Dale Weise and Thomas Fleischmann from Montreal.

Weise and Fleischmann are both speedy and solid forwards with solid possession numbers for Montreal, and should help Chicago's team speed and depth at the forward position.

Montreal is retaining some of Weise's salary as part of the deal. Here's the breakdown via General Fanager:

Chicago has now given up its first and second round picks in 2018, prospects Phillip Danault (to Montreal) and Mark Dano (Winnipeg) and other assorted assets.

Clearly the team his gunning hard for the Stanley Cup, and these moves make a deep run more likely, despite the fact that the defense hasn't had significant upgrades (though Ehrhoff could end up helping--we'll see).

As for Montreal, the team begins a sell-off process that could continue over the weekend. Both Weise and Fleischmann are set to be UFAs on July 1, so getting a return is the wise thing.

Who will Montreal move next? And are the Hawks done dealing? Stay tuned.