Thursday, February 11, 2016

On Two Fight Night, Gudas Tops it off with Crushing Blow on Catenacci

Radko Gudas was his usual mean, scary, hyper aggro self on Thursday at the Wells Fargo Center, as he racked up 14 penalty minutes and drew the ire of the visiting Sabres in Philadelphia's 5-1 win.

But Gudas could pay for one of his acts of aggression in more than penalty minutes and fisticuffs. The 25-year-old may have got a little too much head on this open ice flattening of Daniel Catenacci. The 22-year-old center was stretched out and lunging in the neutral zone when Gudas saw him, targeted him and plowed him with a crushing blow.

Many that witnessed the hit seem to think that its suspendable. Among them is Sabres coach Dan Bylsma.

"I think there’s no question it’s head hit," Bylsma said. "I know the league will look at that hit and deal with it."

Sabres winger Marcus Foligno didn't mince words either. He fought with Gudas earlier in the game, and had the following to say about the menacing Czech: "The guy's an idiot. He's dirty, goes after a rookie, goes right for his head. He's an idiot that's all I can say."

Gudas has already been handed a three-game suspension for a head shot on Ottawa's Mika Zibanejad, which makes discipline here more likely.