Monday, February 8, 2016

Rangers' McDonagh out with Concussion due to Simmonds Sucker Punch

After being struck by a left jab from Flyers' Wayne Simmonds on Saturday (see the play below), New York Rangers defenseman Ryan McDonagh has been ruled out of Monday night's game against the Devils due to a concussion. McDonagh got involved with McDonagh and actually crosschecked the Simmonds before he was struck in the face by the punch:

In the skirmish that ensued, Simmonds threw the left jab that caught McDonagh and knocked him down:

Rangers coach Alan Vigneault was not pleased with the fact that Simmonds hadn't faced disciplinary action because of the hit. "What I didn't expect was the reaction from the league," Vigneault said. "An All-Star player gets sucker-punched, goes down. I wonder if that's [Sidney] Crosby, what happens? What are the consequences? And on top of that, a player breaks his stick, throws it at the referee. In the rulebook, that's automatic. It's three games. And nothing happens. It's not even on the sheet after the game."

Flyers coach Dave Hakstol threw in his own two cents on the matter, according to ESPN.

"I was just happy that [Simmonds] was still standing after the cross-check he took to the side of the head," he said.