Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Statisfaction: Crosby on Fire, Corsi Trend Buckers

1. 2016 has been Sid Crosby's year so far:

A coaching change and some time to find his game apparently was all Sid Crosby needed to get things going. There might be no slowing him down now. He leads the league in points and goals by a wide margin since January 1. Sid has found his game, even with Malkin out with injury--funny how that happens--and Pittsburgh appears to be a team on the rise down the stretch.

Here's a table of the top five goal scorers in the new year. Note that Wayne Simmonds has been doing more than cold-cocking Ryan McDonagh of late for the Flyers:


2. Corsi For and Corsi against: Just some random thoughts on the ubiqitous Corsi For (CF%) stat...

1. Of the bottom 15 teams in CF% in the NHL, 11 are currently out of a playoff spot.

2. Of the top 15 teams in CF% in the NHL, 11 are currently in playoff position.

Bucking the trend: Colorado is last in the league in possession (CF% 43.5) and clinging to the 8th spot in the west.

Bucking the trend: Carolina is 5th in the league in possession (CF% 52.8) and in 11th place in the Estern Conference.

Sort of bucking the trend: Washington, far and away the league's best team, is 15th in the league in CF%. They've only generated 58 more Corsi events than they've allowed.

Source: War-on-Ice

Things Corsi doesn't care about: Goaltending (Washington, Holtby; Colorado, Varlamov (both can stand on head) Carolina, Cam Ward (having a very down year)

3. There are only six goalies (100 or more minutes shorthanded) with save percentages of less than 85 percent while shorthanded. It's a pretty impressive list of quality goalies, which is strange:

They say the goalie is a team's best penalty killer. What does Henrik Lundqvist's save percentage while shorthanded say about the Rangers (25th in the NHL) penalty kill? Below are the six worst shorthanded save percentage in the NHL (Min: 100 mins shorthanded)

Source: War-on-Ice