Saturday, February 6, 2016

Video: How Dan Hamhuis' Face Was Rebuilt

After taking a slapshot to the face in a game against the Rangers in December, Dan Hamhuis says he wasn't even thinking about hockey for the next ten days. It was more about family, and life. That was how badly Hamhuis was injured. The bones of his face were shattered by a flying piece of vulcanized rubber that caught him off guard (he says he was out of the shooting lane on this play and was surprised to take the hit), and he needed a minor miracle to be put back together again.

Hamhuis got that care, and he'll be back on the ice tonight when the Canucks face the Flames.

Watching the video above, we can see how fortunate Hamhuis was to be afforded the care he got from doctors. Looking at him two months later, it's hard to tell that he suffered such a gruesome injury.

“The doctors were able to put it together quite nicely in the surgery, and then I went through a period where the jaw was wired for a little which made it difficult to eat, which certainly had its challenges especially through Christmas,” Hamhuis told Sportsnet. "You could count 15 to 20 breaks right through the face ... and up into the cheek. There wasn't a quick fix. It was figuring out how to anchor things to each other for support."

With an assist from doctors, and advancements in medical technology, Hamhuis scores himself a spot back in the lineup tonight after 21 games. It was an unfortunate injury to say the least, but it could have been far worse.