Sunday, February 21, 2016

Video: Zucker Knocked out of Game by Roszival Hit

Blackhawks defenseman Michal Rozsival was tossed for this hit on Wild forward Jason Zucker during Minnesota's 6-1 win in Sunday's Stadium Series showdown. Rozsival was given an interference penalty and the rules call for an automatic ejection on interference calls when an opposing player is injured on the play.

Whether or not the call should have been interference is up for debate. Zucker is reaching out to make a play at the puck and Rozsival is attempting to stop him by taking the body. Unfortunately for Zucker, who is two inches and 25 pounds lighter than Rozsival, he is caught with his body stooped over which brings his head down to about chest level of Rozsival.

Making matters worse, Zucker loses control of his boday after the hit and the back of his head slams to the ice. Thank god for the helmet.

Zucker did not return to the game and we await news of his condition.

As for Rozsival, he could suffer further discipline for the hit, but it doesn't seem likely.