Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Watch: Michael Neuvirth's Ill-Advised Pass Leads to Gimme for Nordstrom

If only we could all have the luck that Joakim Nordstrom had on this play during the second period of Carolina's win over the Flyers on Tuesday night at PNC Arena. We'd play the lottery ever day and push our chips into the middle of every poker table, even if all we had was a pair of ducks. And Michael Neuvirth's shame after this play? We wouldn't wish it on anyone.

Watch as Neuvirth's brain goes temporarily blank as he turns from the back wall and looks to make an outlet pass to spring the attack. Problem is, the Flyers goalie thought he was passing to puck to forward Matt Read. Seconds later, he was rudely awakened to the gravity of his mistake. Nordstrom took the generosity and buried a wrister into the open net as Neuvirth scrambled to get back to the crease.

Carolina went on to win, 3-1. Rumor has it that Neuvirth is still shaking his head in the locker room.